Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Absurdity that is Humanity

I've come to this conclusion before, but I'll say it here for posterity (get it? POSTerity? this is a blog POST. hehe.): Humans are either really dumb, really uncaring, or really, really ballsy.

Case in point: I woke up this morning at 5 AM. I did not want to wake up at 5 AM; my first class isn't until 8 AM. Why did I wake up? Some idiot's car alarm was going off. And continued going off. For, oh, two hours. That's right, two hours or noise. Now, I don't know about you, but I feel like if my car alarm were going off for two hours, I'd notice. Or my friends would notice. I don't own a car, but surely if I did, they'd alert me to its alarm, right?

Well, this person must not have quality friends like that. Perhaps their friends set the alarm off as a joke. Still, it boggles the mind that it could last two hours without anyone doing or saying anything. It's absurd.

Then you have the jokers behind me; they're literally behind me, in the room across the hall. They were talking about Salvia a few moments ago. If you don't know what Salvia is, it's a smokeable drug used for recreation. It's illegal, of course, but does that stop these guys from basically shouting, "yo dude you try that Salvia yet?" from halfway down the hall. Seriously, what the hell? Who does that? It's either abject stupidity or a pure, manly, gesture just daring anybody to challenge him about it. I almost hope it's the latter, because that would be badassery of the second-or-third-highest order (not quite up there with chugging capsaicin or punching bears).

Anyway, I just felt that those two moment today really capture the stupid, absurd, ballsy nature of human beings. Perhaps I'm the oddball, the only insane one amongst supposed madmen. Perhaps we'll never know.

~ Anonymous Male


  1. You know all that stuff you wrote?

    Exactly what I think, at least sometimes.