Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Uninteresting Day Culminates in an Annoying Evening

Today was altogether boring; worthless class of listening to a Professor talk about uninteresting engineering, followed by an uninteresting computer Lab. Fun fact: Clarkson's Excel files are set to open in Gnumeric. I don't know about you, but that's about as handy as a quadriplegic. The Lab itself was basically fifteen minutes of "Hm, what the hell am I doing?" followed by "Oooohhhh! Now I see," and then maybe five minutes of... "work."

Then I met a guy about a thing. It's really great to schedule a meeting and have the person before you run over fifteen minutes even though he knows you're waiting... bleh. Anyway, meh meeting was meh, but at least I had time to eat delicious pasta. Or at least, it might have been delicious, had the Campus Dining Student Employee not sucked. "But Anonymous, maybe it was her first time!" Yes, it probably was, but even so, I'm fairly certain that if the pasta were self-serve it would have gone faster and not burned my bacon.

But enough complaints! Now, I prepare myself for further toil, studying for an Organic Chemistry test. This is essentially like studying for an STD test. You don't want to because it's stupid, and you really need to just know your stuff and think positive.

Wait. Maybe that wasn't a great analogy.

Eh. Whatever. You get the point.

Anyhow, it's about time I stopped typing and hit the books. And by books, I mean book. By which I mean notebook. By which I mean I'm stalling by typing more. Ain't it grand?

Cheers, dear reader(s). I shall update later, following the test, to enumerate on it's difficulty or, hopefully, lack thereof.

~Anonymous Male

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