Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Day, Another Crushing Realization

Well, okay, maybe crushing is a bit extreme.

I just found out that Clarkson plans to ban regalia from unrecognized Fraternities on campus. Now, I'm not in that boat (I'm in a recognized one) but that seems... wrong. They're apparently going to punish people wearing Letters from specific Unrecognized Fraternity Organizations (hereafter UFOs). These particular UFOs are heavy drinkers, so it's rumored, and generally douchebags, yes, but that doesn't make this okay.

I mean, I really don't like UFOs, but damn it, I'll picket for their right to wear Letters if they want to. It's a choice of clothing; you don't get to tell them not wear them. They aren't illegal, offensive, or harmful in themselves. Apparently Clarkson thinks they're better than the First Amendment or something.

And yes, I know they legally can restrict clothing on campus so long as it doesn't affect religious views, but come on, this going a bit far. If they want to unite as a group and wear clothing that shows this, then they're no more wrong than the Ku Klux Klan or the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Perhaps those are bad examples. My point is, you can't persecute a group for wearing a particular article of clothing. Persecute them for being drunk, obnoxious douchebags; man up and hit the root of the problem, Clarkson.

~ Anonymous Male


  1. I've actually noticed stuff like's more prevalant in Highschools but I've been noticing a pseudo sensorship on college campuses around here...glad someone else noticed that...

  2. lol @ Clarkson for banning letters