Monday, September 20, 2010

Killing Time

Holy cow, two blog updates in one day! "Wow, Anonymous, you must be crazy!" you say, but really, I'm just flat bored. Yeah, I have a test tomorrow, but whoopty-do!

Anyhow, I'm playing around with this blog thing, and it's nifty.

Onto something that's actually interesting: I've been thinking about Constitution, and some things George Carlin said (for those who haven't heard of him, hit up Google right now. No, seriously). I've been wondering if it isn't about time someone with passion and dedication stood up and said, "Uh, guys? Some things suck that shouldn't and some things should be changed to make people happier and fulfilled." But nobody ever does. Why is that?

Stupid human nature, getting in the way of, y'know, personal fulfillment and individual growth. I'm no hipster or anything, but damn if it doesn't piss me off. Oh well. Maybe after I finish eating this corporate fruit-tart thing (It's a PopTart, I fail at being clever) I'll sit down and draft the New Constitution.

Or maybe I'll eat another PopTart. Really, it could go either way.

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