Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Update, For Once

Hello, dear readers.

I apologize for not updating of late; Clarkson had a break this weekend and classes resumed today. I've had sketchy internet access lately. But here I am, alive as always.

So, some new developments from this weekend:

Clarkson is not going to be banning Letters of UFOs on campus. Instead, they plan to incentivise recognized Fraternities... somehow. More on that as it comes. Main point being, Clarkson isn't infringing on anyone's First Ammendment rights, so that's cool.

Pickaxes suck. So does using them to dig holes. So does rain while trying to pick a hole. In general, physical labor as a whole is evil and should probably be shunned. Maybe that's just my opinion, but I know it's why I went to college.

Kind of an interesting thought. I went to college specifically to not do physical labor, but I still spend a weekend every now and again doing arduous labor. Construction and such. Why? To earn the favor of my girlfriend's family. So... basically, even though I'm going to school so I don't have to do these things, I choose to so I can get in their better graces. I'm basically saying that getting in good with the in-laws-to-be is more important than my own happiness, even to the point of going against my main goal in life: not doing real work.

I think that things like that are often underestimated. Imagine the reasons that people do the things they do, then think about the rationale behind it. It's interesting to see people going out of their way to make their lives, or those of others, better, for their own selfish reasons. But it's still kinda altruistic, because though it benefits them, they sometimes do it for others. That's pretty cool.

I guess the message I want to get across is that the next time you wonder why someone does something, think about their rationale, because it could be shocking and make you go a little rubbery and melty. At least, it worked for me.

~ Anonymous Male

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